Work With A Photographer Who Understands The Glow Of Maternity

There was a time in decades past when women were told to cover up their pregnancies. Should they venture outside or to the workplace, they had to wear extensive clothing to cover their baby bellies. This made it hard for women who wanted to share the joy they were experiencing as they went about their normal lives. If they should have their photograph professionally taken, these photographs usually avoided showing their bulging bodies as not to be considered “impolite.”

Luckily for all women, time are changed. Women are encouraged to not just talk about impending motherhood issues but be photographed anyway they wish. When they get dressed in the morning to go to work, take care of their families or go about their lives, these women can wear anything that they feel comfortable in. It is just a part of a new openness about pregnancy, motherhood and the joy that a new child brings to everyone they touch.

Meeting the needs of women and families expecting a child is San Francisco Maternity Photographer Keri Vaca. She has become known not just as a photographer that can take beautiful photographs of a soon-to-be mother, but a San Francisco Family Photographer who understands how a new child is important to every member of a group.

Ms. Vaca uses her expertise behind the camera to take photographs of new mothers and new fathers. She is able to show the radiant joy on their faces and the phases of pregnancy as they occur. As a well-known San Francisco Newborn Photographer, Keri is additionally the person new families call when they wish for those very first photos to be taken when baby arrives.


Not only is Keri Vaca a San Francisco Maternity Photographer, but her photo company can produce innovative birth announcements and cards with these portraits. She offers photographs that make memories and that can be transferred to a variety of materials. These make wonderful gifts for family members and are something especially prized by grandparents throughout a child’s first years.

For more information on having a photography session with Ms. Vaca, visit her web pages located online at Keri Vaca enjoys hearing from new mothers and wants them to feel comfortable with her services. She makes a point of discussing how they wish for their pictures to be taken and what they would like to wear. With her calm demeanor, her subjects know that she is able to express their inner glow on every photo she takes.